The Healthy Staff Programme has been developed based on scientific evidence concerning effective workplace health initiatives, as well as my own professional experience working with both small and large companies. 

It is the most effective product that Health Works offers companies for making a positive difference on their employee's health.


I work with individual employees, in a confidential setting - coaching them to take care of their own health and prioritise their well-being - which improves their motivation, increases their productivity, and helps reduce sickness. This results in an all-round happier state of being.


Through regular 1-to-1, personalised health coaching sessions, maximum impact can be made on an employee's health, and help them to sustainably improve their habits and well-being.

As the coaching is done at your workplace: anyone and everyone in your business can get personalised health coaching at their workplace.


Staff will not only become healthier and more energised at work: they will also value their employer and their company brand more.


Everybody is different - with different needs, different goals, and different backgrounds, thus an individual focus is called for, rather than a one-size-fits-all (or one-size-fits-nobody) approach.


It's not just about the physical results either: a holistic approach gives equal priority to promoting good mental health, proper rest, and a sustainable work : life balance.


The benefits for each employee are surprisingly extensive. There is strong scientific evidence showing how healthier employees have increased levels of levels, self-confidence, happiness at work, and even improved memory and cognition; For a business however, the main incentive comes down to 3 massive benefits: 

A healthier workforce means:

  • Fewer days lost to sick leave

  • Increased productivity

  • Enhanced company image

As a company, you are unfortunately fighting against growing rates of workplace-related issues such as stress and back pain, along with lifestyle diseases such as obesity, cancers and heart diseases:


  • 1.5 million days off work due to stress-related sick leave - Stress Foreningen

  • 80% of all Danes will at some point feel back pain - Rigshospitalet

  • Most common reasons for short term absence from work are minor illnesses, stress, and musculoskeletal problems (e.g. back pain) - Fit for Work

  • Most common reasons for long term absence from work are acute medical conditions, musculoskeletal injuries, stress, mental ill-health, and back pain - Fit for Work

  •  51% of Danes are overweight or obese, putting them at a greater risk for many illness and conditions that can affect their work, compared to those of a healthier weight - European Commission, World Health Organisation.


A healthy lifestyle - including a good diet, regular exercise, proper sleep, and managed stress levels - is a crucial foundation for good health and avoiding many of these issues. Taking action to prevent these is an incredibly beneficial investment for your company and keeps your staff - your most valuable asset - healthy, productive, and motivated.

"For individuals, workplace health programs have the potential to impact an employee’s health, such as their health behaviors; health risks for disease; and current health status. For organizations, workplace health programs have the potential to impact areas such as health care costs, absenteeism, productivity, recruitment/retention, culture, and employee morale" - Center for Disease Control and prevention

“Companies benefit from Workplace Health Promotion because by working in an improved working environment, their employees are more healthy and better motivated. This consequently results in a reduction in sickness-related and other costs, a higher quality of products and services, more innovation and a rise in productivity. Workplace health promotion is also a prestige factor which helps to improve the public image of a company and makes it become more attractive as an employer” - European Network for Workplace Health Promotion


  1. Health Works and your company agree on how many times per month and for how long I will be at the workplace to conduct health coaching sessions (normally between 4-8 hours per month for a medium sized company)

  2. Staff are informed of this exciting opportunity at their workplace (ideally via a launch seminar)​ and how they can participate.

  3. Staff sign-up via my email booking system, by choosing times where I am at the workplace, which suit their schedule best. 

  4. Repeat step 3 for an agreed upon length of time e.g. 5 months.

"My employees who had 1-to-1 sessions with Simon praised the effectiveness as well as the benefits it gave their everyday lives. It is a huge positive to have an experienced health professional meet with staff at their workplace, and give valuable tools for their personal health."

Bo Lauenborg, CEO at Kontaktlinse Instituttet.