Staff Health Coaching

Monthly 1-to-1, personalised health coaching sessions at your workplace means that maximum impact can be made on an employee's health, and help them to sustainably improve their habits and well-being.

I work with individual employees, in a confidential setting, coaching them to take care of their own health and prioritise their well-being - which improves their motivation, increases their productivity, and helps reduce sickness.

This results in an all-round happier state of being.

It is the most effective product that Health Works offers companies for making a positive difference on their employee's health.​

As the coaching is done at your workplace: anyone and everyone in your business can benefit from personalised health coaching.


Staff will not only become healthier and more energised at work: they will also value their employer and their company brand more.

It's not just about the physical results either: a holistic approach gives equal priority to promoting good mental health, proper rest, and a sustainable work : life balance.

How does it work?

​4 step process:

  1. Health Works and your company agree on how many times per month and for how long I will be at the workplace to conduct health coaching sessions (normally between 4-8 hours per month for a medium sized company).

  2. Staff are informed of this exciting opportunity at their workplace (ideally via a launch seminar)​ and how they can participate.

  3. Staff sign-up via my email booking system, by choosing times where I am at the workplace, which suit their schedule best. 

  4. Repeat step 3 for an agreed upon length of time e.g. 5 months.

Ideally a coaching programme combined with a Before/After Survey, where progress can be measured, and results analysed.

  • Coaching sessions take place at your workplace, ideally in a private office space

  • Sessions are typically 30 mins long

  • Sessions are completely confidential and are an optional benefit for staff to partake in voluntarily

  • Coaching can help with a wide range of health topics: improving your diet, finding time to exercise, mitigating stress, sleeping better, losing weight, finding more energy, etc. 

Why not add in a seminar on health at the workplace to launch the programme? or measure the effect with a health survey? - fill in the contact form for details.

Learn how health coaching can benefit YOUR company

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Bo Lauenborg

CEO Kontaktlinse Instituttet

"My employees who had 1-to-1 sessions with Simon praised the effectiveness as well as the benefits it gave their everyday lives. It is a huge positive to have an experienced health professional meet with staff at their workplace, and give valuable tools for their personal health."

Frederik Tram

Lawyer at Gorrissen Federspiel

"Overall, I found working with Simon to be an excellent investment, which has benefited me in so many areas of life. I would strongly recommend working with Simon to colleagues, friends, and others in my network."

Jens Ø.

Senior Communications Specialist at Danske Commodities

"It is a great employer benefit as well as a chance for any company to increase motivation and health among employees."