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For colleagues in multiple locations to meet together, move their bodies, and get energised by short, enjoyable workouts.

Whilst many companies face the challenge of colleagues working in separate locations, it becomes extra important to keep your employees healthy, engaged, productive, and together as a team.


Conference Call Fitness is special offer for companies who want to bring teams together via easy-to-use conference call software, and together do simple but effective exercises wherever they are.

From ANYWHERE in the world your company can join together:

  • Enjoyable & effective exercise sessions, bringing your colleagues closer together while working from home.

  • Laugh and smile with your colleagues: Up to 20 people per call means co-workers can interact with each other easily. 

  • Exercises and stretches, suitable for all abilities.

  • Positive vibes & movement leave colleagues energised after each session.


  • 20 minute classes led by an experienced personal trainer

  • Log in and join in while working from home, along with the whole office team on your screen (cameras/microphone optional of course).

  • Choose a time slot and keep it for all 5 or 10 days. (any 30 minute slot between 10.00 - 15.00 Central European Time).

  • Suitable for all abilities.

  • Includes enjoyable, effective exercises and stretches, as well as the opportunity for exercise & nutrition tips.

  • Quick and easy to set up & organise - I only need a day or two's notice to get you started.

  • Jeg snakker også DANSK! - Det behøver ikke at være på Engelsk, hvis du er i tvivl.


1 week: DKK 2000,- (excl. VAT) total*

2 weeks: DKK 3500,- (excl. VAT) total* 

*Sessions are between Monday - Friday.

Prices are for a group of up to 30 people with 1 reserved time-slot for all the days.

If your team is larger than 30, you will need 2 time slots - contact me if in doubt.

office fitness - healthy workplace -sund arbejdsplads


Email me today to reserve a time-slot for your team: 


or call if you wanna chat about it:

+45 51 91 45 93

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