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Getting you on track! 


This is a personalised package, aiming you towards your goals by building healthy, realistic habits, and empowering you to take positive steps forward for yourself. We take everything at your speed, whilst I challenge you to go further than you thought you could. We train at a sustainable level so that you can steadily progress, as well as gain knowledge about how to best influence your goals. Everytime I work with a client, I make sure to find out what they enjoy, and what motivates them so exercise doesn't become a punishment, but something we look forward to!

  •        Individualized training centered around you

  •        High-fives, smiles, and energy-filled sessions

  •        Emphasis on building sustainable routines and steady progress.

  •        Motivation = Consistency = RESULTS



Nick D.

Simon is really professional he knows what he is doing and he tells you what you need to know whilst being a bloody nice bloke! Would recommend him to everybody


Bo L.

Simon brings loads of energy and motivation for each session! His knowledge of training and how to get the most out someone is apparent and will push you to achieve more than you thought was possible on your own.


Tobias K.

I highly recommend him as a trainer and sparring partner that attempts to get the most out of you - and helps you get the most out of your training.

I give him 5 out of 5 guns!


  • 55 min sessions, including 5 mins each of feedback regarding habits, challenges, and successes.

  • FREE 60 min consultation session to talk about your goals, exercise history, and how often you would like to train. Then TEST OUT some training together before you buy.

  • Choose between 1 session per week or 2 sessions per week.

  • PERSONALISED PROGRAMME included for extra training at home or in the gym.

  • 10 % discount on DIET COACHING sessions

  • Access to closed Facebook group with weekly fitness and health tips.

(Payment options discussed during FREE consultation. Typically requested via invoice, prior to 12-week start date.)
1 session per week x 12 weeks: 8750,-
2 sessions per week x 12 weeks: 17000,-

Personal Training


Use this link to see available times:

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