Small-Group & Duo Training

Both Small-Group & Duo training create a motivating, semi-personalised experience which you can share with friends, colleagues, or family.

Have fun together as you challenge and motivate each other, whilst training together with my guidance and experience.

By sharing the training experience with others, you also share the price and most importantly you share the results together!

I help make sessions effective for your goals, whilst keeping them motivating, enjoyable, and making you feel energised!

Training takes place at: MOVEMENT METHOD, TOMSAGERVEJ 2, 8240 ÅBYHØJ. Outside or alternative locations can also be arranged.


Book your free consultation session together with you friends, colleagues, or family to feel for yourself how pairs/small group training can motivate you to be a  healthier, stronger, fitter, more confident version of you.

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Train with me if you want to:

  • Gain confidence and energy from prioritising your body, mind, and health

  • Get a strong body that can tackle what life throws at it

  • Look and FEEL healthy from finding a training rhythm that you can stick to and you enjoy doing

  • Kick-start your motivation again, enjoy working out and be challenged

  • Make sustainable progress with your fitness and health whilst keeping motivated and avoiding burning out. 

  • Balance exercise into your busy life, making it work for you and not just another obligation.