Company Fitness Sessions

Get your staff fit, motivated, and full of energy with corporate fitness sessions! 

Training with your colleagues is a fun way to grow as a team. With Health Works you can expect sessions that are accessible to all fitness levels, and done in a way that gets co-workers to help, encourage, and drive each other forwards. 

Company fitness sessions can be scaled to meet your needs, no matter if you have a small team who want to get stronger or a large group who want to be healthier - fitness can be delivered to your staff in a way that works for them.

To have an engaging, healthy, team-building experience as a one-time event, or a regular training routine - contact Health Works to get started:

Team-building & health improving

Company fitness sessions get you and your colleagues in better shape, healthier, and having fun together!

  • Company fitness can take place:

    • At or nearby your workplace

    • Movement Method, Aarhus*

    • An agreed upon location, e.g. a park or open area. 

  • Workouts are typically 60mins, but can be longer or shorter upon by request.

  • 30 participants maximum per session - for more people special arrangements can be discussed.

  • The session is designed to be accessible to different fitness levels and abilities - so all your colleagues can join in!

  • Themed sessions can also be provided such as: fitness boxing; Crossfit training; Strength & Yoga (50:50). 

Why not add in a seminar on health at the workplace and turn it into a Health Day? - fill in the contact form for details.

Price: 1400,- per Session**

*Use of Movement Method may incur additional charges depending on amount of participants/timing of the session.

**Price is for maximum 30 participants for a 60min session. Special arrangements can be made for larger groups or longer/shorter sessions.

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