Health Works started in Aarhus in 2018 by me, Simon Smith, with a vision to provide companies with tailored health initiatives which motivate and energise employees. By empowering employees through health coaching, a healthy lifestyle becomes more achievable and sustainable - making lasting differences to the individual and the company they work for. 


I have worked as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor for over 6½ years - coaching people of all fitness levels, abilities, and at different stages of their own health journey. I give people fun, effective, and motivating sessions - giving people that extra push they need to perform at their best. 


I moved to Denmark from the UK in 2013 (so I can understand Danish quite well!) and completed a bachelor degree in Global Nutrition and Health. My bachelor thesis was focussed on reviewing evidence for the effectiveness of workplace health programmes - from this scientific evidence, I have based my company health initiatives, whilst adding plenty of my own energy, enthusiasm, and fun.


As well as my years of coaching in the gym - I have been educated in health coaching, and have acquired many hours experience with 1:1 sessions at companies and in the fitness centre. 


Using my background experience, combined with a desire to be better at what I do: I find great enjoyment in helping people better themselves, learning to value their health, and seeing their energy levels and positivity grow.