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Hey, I'm Simon, and I have been a Personal trainer since 2012 - starting out in my hometown in the UK, but then moving to the cool city of Aarhus, Denmark for a new adventure.

Here I built up my skills and knowledge as a coach through a degree in Global Nutrition & Health, learning from professors and other talented coaches, and through my own successes and mistakes.

I started Health Works in 2018, after writing my thesis on 'Workplace health initiatives' and found a passion for helping employees at companies take action to help their own health. 

I made the jump to full self employment in 2019, doing bootcamps, personal training, online coaching, and company health initiatives for a whole range of people and groups. 

I am a positive person, and I do my best to spread that good energy and motivation in whatever I do. I love what my job and the people I get to train with, and I work hard to give clients a great experience each time we work together. 

My dream is to help people have the energy, knowledge and motivation to make their own lives more awesome! 

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