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Health Coaching

Personalised health coaching sessions, in-person or online, helps people take sustainable steps forward to a healthier lifestyle.

I work with individuals with all sorts of backgrounds and goals, and coach them to take care of their own health and prioritise their own well-being. 


Together, we set realistic and achievable behavioural or habit-based goals that will be the key to making progress.


The aim is to make life easier, not harder for yourself, so we agree on sustainable, incremental changes that add energy and happiness to your everyday life.


Coaching is all about discovering the right way for YOU. It is about figuring out where you can improve, making a plan to do that, and then consistently assessing and adjusting it until you get where you want to be.

Health Coaching sessions are not just about the physical results either: a holistic approach gives equal priority to promoting good mental health, proper rest, a nutritious diet, and a sustainable work-life balance.

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How does it work?

  • Choose either a 3, 5, or 10 month series

  • Series will start with a 60min session to learn about overall goals, history, and situations, then to discuss and set goals and objectives moving forward.

  • Each month will include a 45min follow-up session to analyse the past month, and to look at how to keep progressing from now.

  • Unlimited email correspondence whilst partaking in a series.

  • Coaching sessions take place online, or at Movement Method Aarhus, Tomsagervej 2, 8240 (Denmark).

  • Sessions are completely confidential and personalised to your needs, situation, history, and goals. 

  • The focus is on sustainable, effective changes which improve your health for the long-term.

Common topics include:

  • Tools to lose weight, prioritise their well-being, and gain more self-confidence.

  • Ideas for fitting exercise into busy work and family life - giving them more energy in their daily life.

  • Advice to help sleep better so they're more alert and productive at work.

  • Ways to take care of themselves to reduce stress.

  • Guidance for good nutrition to help balance energy levels, productivity, and alertness throughout the whole working day.How to improve their diet so they can be sick less often, and have a healthy weight.

  • Help in planning a sustainable workout routine that helps them perform at their best.

Ready to start a healthier lifestyle for more energy, confidence, and happiness?






(Including 25% VAT)





  • 1 x Health coaching session per month.

  • Unlimited email correspondence.

  • Follow-up emails checking on your progress and motivating you to stay on track each month.

  • Optional training programme.

  • Helpful tools for your goals, including healthy recipes, new habit forming methods, food portion-size guidelines, training tips each month.

  • Discount on personal training/bootcamps.​


Bo Lauenborg

CEO Kontaktlinse Instituttet

"My employees who had 1-to-1 sessions with Simon praised the effectiveness as well as the benefits it gave their everyday lives. It is a huge positive to have an experienced health professional meet with staff at their workplace, and give valuable tools for their personal health."

Frederik Tram

Lawyer at Gorrissen Federspiel

"Overall, I found working with Simon to be an excellent investment, which has benefited me in so many areas of life. I would strongly recommend working with Simon to colleagues, friends, and others in my network."

Jens Ø.

Senior Communications Specialist at Danske Commodities

"It is a great employer benefit as well as a chance for any company to increase motivation and health among employees."

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