Simon Smith
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Working with your company's employees to help them become more productive, sick less often, more motivated, and all-around happier at work. This is all done through 1-to-1 coaching where they are encouraged to take care of their own health - both physical and mental - and prioritise their own well-being. Learn more about our personalised, effective, and implementable programme here.


With 1-to-1 training, your own specific needs are catered for, and together we find ways to make consistent, sustainable steps forward.

I make sessions effective for your goals, whilst keeping them motivating, enjoyable, and making you feel energised every time.


Both Small-Group & Duo training create a motivating, semi-personalised experience which you can share with friends, colleagues, or family. Have fun together, challenge and motivate each other.


Share the training, share the price, and most importantly you share the results!


Bootcamps are for everyone who wants to be energised, encouraged and motivated by training with a group of like-minded people.  ​

Together, you and your fellow team-mates will enjoy regular training sessions which get you stronger, fitter, and healthier than before!


“After 6 months of expert and motivating training, I am full of strength, energy, and motivation, and perhaps most importantly of all: training has become a fixed and prioritised item on my weekly agenda.”

Anni - CFO at Envision A/S

"It is a great employer benefit as well as a chance for any company to increase motivation and health among employees.  It was easy to implement Simon’s suggestions and ideas and actually get them done.”

Jens - Snr. Communications Specialist at Danske Commodities

"I would highly recommend Health Works to other business owners as a meaningful and effective benefit, which gives long-term results for the bottom-line, company image, and the team spirit in the office."

Bo - CEO at Kontaktlinse Instituttet

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