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If you are just getting started in the gym and need a helping hand, or if you need an effective kick-up the arse without using any precious brain-power on what to do - then check out these bootcamps in Aarhus and Online (in English) for anyone, anywhere with internet access.


Early morning outdoor bootcamp for an ultimate energy boost!

Start your day full of energy and positivity, by getting outside and moving your body first thing in the morning. This bootcamp combines, good music, great company, a fantastic location, and effective exercise to really get you feeling energised! Breath in the fresh air, and feel your muscles working - it doesnt get much better than this.

For those just getting started or starting again.

New to the gym? Coming back from a long break? Or simply want guidance while getting into shape? This bootcamp is focused on good habits, good energy, and good community. Together, we build up your overall fitness level, so you can make progress with your goals whilst gaining confidence both in the gym and in your everyday life.


You don't need a gym to get fit!

Log on and work out - bodyweight training suitable for all levels, from the comfort of your home. 40-minute sessions with a mix of familiar and alternative exercises to keep it fun but still challenging for different fitness levels. We work out together as a team from wherever we are in the world.

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